4-in-1 HerbalPlus Hair Loss / Hair Fall Treatment (3 box bundle)

Restore your hair and achieve the lifestyle you want using the Cosmetology 4-in-1 HerbalPlus Hair Loss Treatment.

Using our own proprietary formulation which is based on Ayurvedic herbal compounds, a traditional medicine system developed during antiquity in India, the Cosmetology 4-in-1 HerbalPlus Hair Loss Treatment is used by thousands of people around the world to treat their hair loss / hair fall / hair drop and restore their youthful looks.

Our 3 box bundle is made up of 3 sets of our proprietary 4-in-1 HerbalPlus Hair Loss Treatment, comprising:

  • Herbal Hair Loss Shampoo (250ml) x 3
  • Herbal Hair Loss Conditioner (250ml) x 3
  • Hair Revitalizer (120gm) x 3
  • Hair Protection Cream (80gm) x 3

Sufficient for approximately 3 months usage, our 3 box bundle is the most cost effective way to see effective and lasting improvements to your hair fall / hair loss problems. For best results, use for a period of at least 3 months.

Our Herbal Hair Loss treatment is formulated from herbal extracts. This is a non-toxic solution which doesn't contain any steroids, chemicals or animal by-products - resulting in a highly effective treatment with non of the side effects common in most other hair treatment solutions.

  • Based on Ayurveda, a traditional medicine system from India
  • Strong track record of success in treating hair loss / hair fall / hair drop, used by thousands around the world to treat female & male pattern baldness
  • Formulated from herbal extracts
  • Non toxic, with no toxic heavy metals (lead, arsenic & mercury), chemicals, steroids or animal by-products
  • Highly effective in boosting hair growth and treating thinning hair with no side effects
  • Easy-to-use, fits into your existing schedule


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