Customer testimonials


"My hair started thinning and dropping in clumps during my mid-40's. Needless to say, this was devastating for me. From being a person who liked to go out and socialize, I began becoming self-conscious.

After trying several different hair loss treatment centers, and spending a ton of money in the process, I'm glad that I discovered Cosmetology's HerbalPlus Therapy Ayurvedic herbal hair fall solution. The fact that they are made from herbal compounds with no chemicals is a major plus for me, given my background.

Not only did the product restore the growth of my hair, it also gave my hair a new level of shiny-ness and bounce! I would gladly recommend this to any friend of mine. If only I discovered this sooner."

- Pamela (48), Medical Researcher



restore hair growth

"I've always taken pride in my appearance, and took care of my body, skin and hair. However genetics were not on my side, and my hair began to thin at the crown when I turned 30. It began gradually at first, but became worst as it progressed. Eventually, it became a huge embarrassment as people close to me constantly mentioned it and (with good intent) tried to recommend solutions for my hair fall problem.

Traditional branded hair fall treatment centers left me feeling 'cold' as the results they produced didn't always commensurate with the prices they charged - which more often than not, are frankly exorbitant.

Then I discovered Cosmetology's HerbalPlus Therapy.

It gave me the best of both worlds. Affordability, and effectiveness.

After just a month, I began seeing positive results and the growth of new hair. By the sixth month, my hair is as what you see in the picture above, and I couldn't be more thankful!"

- Ganesh (42), General Manager


hair loss testimonial

"My busy work schedule didn't give me much time to care for my hair, and the constant exposure to the sun (at least from what I think) due to my traveling job, caused my hair to start thinning rapidly after I turned 20 years old.

I took a leap off faith with Cosmetology's HerbalPlus Therapy because it's relatively affordable compared to the other products in the market, and also because it's based on herbal compounds from established traditional medicines.

I don't regret that decision. Today, my hair has been restored to its former health and I no longer have to worry about my appearance."

- Chan Kah Leong (28), Sales Executive



stop hair thinning

"I've always thought that losing hair is inevitable, and that once it happens there's little you can do to stop it and prevent hair loss from progressing.

While male pattern baldness is true to a certain extent, I've learned that it doesn't mean that there's nothing you can do to slow and possibly even reverse the problem.

That is what Cosmetology has given me with its HerbalPlus Therapy. Not only did it restore my thinning hair, but it also restored my confidence, allowing me to live the lifestyle that I want."

- Ho Tuck Wai (38), Executive Director