About us

About Cosmetology

Everybody reaches a phase in life where they begin to experience thinning of hair. For some, it happens early in their twenties, and for some not until much later in life. 

We personally know that this change can be quite stressful - as it can cause you to lose confidence, appear tired and worn, and even affect your personal and professional life.

Our founder, Bernard Yong, experienced this first hand in his mid-twenties.

Faced with the prospect of thinning of hair, he tried product after product, and went to one hair care center after another, with little results.

It was this experience which led him to set up Cosmetology, with the aim of bringing to market an effective, no-nonsense hair loss treatment solution - a solution which is specially formulated for Asian scalps, and which doesn't harm the body or pollute the environment.

At Cosmetology, we know that hair loss can be reduced and even stopped completely when treated early using the right products.

It was this knowledge that allowed us to create our HerbalPlus Therapy collection, a range of products which are based on the ancient herbal formulations of Ayurveda, one of the world's most practiced and effective traditional medicine systems.

Using our proprietary formula, our production processes carried out in our home-grown laboratory with utmost care in order to ensure the quality and consistency of our products.


  • Our products have a strong track record of success, and is used by thousands around the world to treat progressive (female/male pattern) baldness
  • Our hair fall treatments are formulated from Ayurveda herbal extracts
  • Non toxic, our products contain no lead, arsenic & mercury, no chemicals, no steroids and no animal by-products
  • Our Herbal Hair Loss Treatment is highly effective with no side effects
  • Easy-to-use, fits into your existing schedule


As a result of our dedication and passion for our work, our hair loss remedies and formulations have helped countless people around the world with their hair loss problems.

This is something we take immense pride in, and something we look forward to continuously building upon even as we serve new customers and new markets.

Let us go on this journey of hair recovery together.